L Smithfive-stars | LincolnwayGolfCars Omg I needed a broken wisdom tooth extracted. In the consultation, Dr. Yapa scared me with the possible risks speech but after the procedure, I wanted to get on him for even wasting his time telling me all that. I know legally they have to, but when I tell you I felt no pain…. I mean it. He numbed me pretty good. There was pressure, of course, but he pulled it out in about 10 minutes. A couple of stitches and he was on to the next patient. Easy peasy. .Great staff. Very personable. My experience took the fear out of dental surgery for me. Would go back there in a heartbeat if I needed another tooth pulled. Thank you all so much!!

J Adams five-stars | LincolnwayGolfCars is amazing with an amazing team, I left maybe an hour ago getting a wisdom tooth extraction. No pain, No pressure every moment was pleasant from the staff to the doctor himself. My nerves is what had me a bit scared but I felt safe and I felt the trust, De. Yapa literally took 5 seconds to pull my tooth out. It was said that my tooth would have to be cut then pulled out but nope I believe 3 to 4 pulls and it was out full tooth. I am very thankful not for only getting the tooth out but the pay wasn’t bad either. Without insurance ot would have been $325 not bad at all.. With insurance I walked out paying only a $68 copay. I am truly satisfied and blessed that his hands were the ones to get that annoying tooth out! THANKS DR. AND STAFF!

Natalia Yfive-stars | LincolnwayGolfCars I got 4 wisdom teeth to be removed at once. 2 of them where bony ones. I was super nervous for few days before the surgery. Of course I have gotten it to be done with general anesthesia. But overall I wanna say that I Loved this experience with Dr. Yapa ! I felt no pain , he putted IV system super gently, and after I woke up everything was done๐Ÿ˜ƒ He is definitely the best doctor. I will recommend it to people who are anxious about whole process, and he for sure will provide you with all comfort ๐Ÿ‘

Sherrie Dfive-stars | LincolnwayGolfCars To say that I was terrified of getting an implant….. is an understatement! Dr. Yapa did an amazing job of explaining the procedure and calming my fears. His assistant, Kelly was GREAT! She checked in with me throughout the procedure and was also very informative. I highly recommend Dr. Jeevaka Yapa.

N Haddadfive-stars | LincolnwayGolfCars Dr. Yapa and his staff are definitely amazing! I went from one dentist to the ER to the other and Dr. Yapa took me in right away for an emergency abscess and tooth-pulling! It went great! They went straight to the source with no question and I was relieved almost instantly! The staff is extra friendly and the services were done quickly! Kate was so considerate and caring towards me and my family, I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am for her! The office is very clean and tidy which is also a plus! I will definitely be referring him to family and friends in their time of need! THANK YOU DR. YAPA!!!

 Dawn C five-stars | LincolnwayGolfCarsMy daughter had extensive surgery on her jaw to correct her bite. I do not think I could have picked a better surgeon. Dr. Yapa and his team are extremely knowledgeable as well as personable. From our first visit, to her surgery, to her post op visits, Dr. Yapa has complete focus on my daughter. Now, she has a perfect bite and a beautiful smile. Dr. Yapa was not the closest surgeon to where I live, but the extra time on the road was more than worth it. I would recommend him to anyone.