Yapa Oral & Maxillofacial Study Club Meetings


We regularly conduct highly educational journal club meetings with discussions focused on the most relevant topics. We provide all the information needed to have a great journal club, with interesting topics! The meetings are organized along with Expertec Dental Laboratory and Thommen Medical consisting of lectures, case presentation, workshops and hands-on programs.


On a yearly basis you’re provided 2 topics that are complete with in depth analysis and organized so you can enjoy outstanding discussions and case presentations.


The topics range from a review of current treatment, new treatment methods to discussing how to change a practice. Everyone is given an opportunity to present and discuss complicated cases and learn from colleagues and experts (prosthodontists, periodontists, endodontists, implantalogists and medical management specialist) in the field.


You’ll enjoy the benefits of attending Dr. Yapa’s dynamic study club while gaining continuing education credits!